Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen ITB (ITB Christian Fellowship) is an interdenominational, multiethnic community of students based on faith in Jesus Christ that will lead us to serve and bear witness to Him in the Institut Teknologi Bandung community as Savior and Lord of all aspects of life.


Community, not Organization

First, we are a community on a mission. We are not a Christian social club. We strongly reject the idea that Christians are meant to form ‘holy crowd’ disconnected from the people around them, especially here in Indonesia, where Christians are minorities. Instead, we seek to build a community that is open, friendly, and service-oriented.

We have found that the more fully we embrace God’s mission, taking risks to include more people in a community that loves and welcomes them, the more our own friendships with one another are strengthened. We strive for friendships that will last longer than any extracurricular activity, organizational post, or four years of college.

We have found that when we believe and act upon God’s good news, He forms us into whole people. The message of Jesus has restored our lives, restored our relationships, restored our work, and restored our sense of purpose. Still, Jesus and his gospel message is the most solid hope we know.

We are a diverse group of undergraduates that comprises the body of PMK ITB. Each one of us represents unique culture, Christian tradition, and worship style, since Indonesia has more than 300 ethnics. But we are united by a desire to know Jesus Christ in a personal and compelling way.

Ministering Here

We exist to serve others. We intend, audacious as it is, to not only transform the whole ITB campus, but also the whole Indonesia, even the whole world.

If you’re an ITB freshman and willing to join one or more of the ministries, please go to our Ministries and contact the corresponding chief. If want to help without getting involved far, you may as well go to Your Act! page.

Every Friday at 11 a.m., we have Friday service held at R9232 (GKU Timur, 4th floor), where all of us will gather together to have fellowship. Persekutuan Doa (Prayer Meeting) is held every Wednesday, 6:15 p.m. at Wisma GMKI Dago (Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda 109), this is when we take a break from our studies to share our experience, discuss world issues, and give support to each other via sharing and prayers.